Haveri: The Mysuru division of South Western Railway is fetching revenue of Rs 25 crore for the current financial year, by transporting maize from Haveri, Davanagere, and Chitradurga districts. The business development unit of the Mysuru division has succeeded in convincing the maize traders of Haveri, Ranibennur, Davangere, and Chitradurga, for transporting their goods by rail, through sustained efforts.
As a result, 94 rakes of maize weigning 0.2 million tonnes were transported as on January 31. These districts are the maize baskets of the Mysuru division. Due to multiple factors, maize from these districts was transported by road to various destinations in Tamil Nadu and North Indian states. A total 2.3 lakh tonnes in 94 rakes of maize was transported, and revenue of Rs 25 crore was generated as on February 14.
According to sources, Rs 7.77 crore parcel revenue for the current year till January 2022, is the highest ever parcel revenue of the Mysuru division. The previous best is Rs. 7.76 crore, for the full year, during 2018-19.
The division has transported 22,000 two-wheelers from Kadakola, during this financial year till January 2022. This has resulted in revenue collection of Rs 3.78 crore under the head automobiles, which is the highest for the last five years. The freight and loading details are of the whole Mysuru division.
Manjunath Kanamadi, senior divisional commercial manager and senior PRO of Mysuru division, stated that two rakes of export traffic to Bangladesh were booked from Haveri so far, and there are 39 more demands for rakes, as of now. However, due to terminal restrictions imposed at the destination station, presently, only one rake is permitted per month, for export traffic to Bangladesh. “Major contribution towards freight is from iron ore, which accounts for 74.58% of total freight revenue” he added.
He stated that total freight revenue till January 2022 was Rs 569 crore, with 7.39 million tonnes transported. Revenue is 65.72% more compared to last year, and tonnage 38.57%. A total Rs 568.72 crore in freight revenue is the highest ever freight revenue collection for the division. The previous best is Rs 519.52 crore, for the full financial year 2019-20. “It is the highest loading of maize from Mysuru division for the last five years,” he stated.


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