Following Nawab Malik‘s allegations that Narcotics Control Bureau zonal director Sameer Wankhede was part of a plan to ‘kidnap’ Aryan Khan, the NCB has hit back at the politician.

The NCB officials said in a statement to Indiatoday.com, “Why can’t Malik reach the courts rather than level allegations?”

This reaction comes moments after Malik held a press conference with reporters and alleged that Wankhede had spoken to BJP leader Mohit Bharatiya, also known as Mohit Kamboj to plot the kidnap of Bollywood actor Shah Rukh Khan’s son Aryan Khan.

Malik stated the ongoing drugs case was actually a case of ‘kidnapping and ransom’.

“Aryan Khan didn’t purchase the ticket for the cruise party. It was Pratik Gaba and Amir Furniturewala who brought him there. It’s a matter of kidnapping and ransom. Mohit Bharatiya is the mastermind and partner of Sameer Wankhede in demanding ransom,” Malik told reporters.

He also claimed that a plan was made to frame the children of other Maharashtra ministers by getting them on board the cruise ship. He said, “Kashiff Khan forced our minister Aslam Shaikh to come to the party and was also planning to bring children of various ministers of our government to the party. If Aslam Shaikh had gone there it would have been Udta Maharashtra after Udta Punjab.”

Reacting to the allegations, BJP party member Mohit Bharatiya raised his own set of allegations, saying, “I’ve said earlier that a Minister who has relations with drug peddlers was involved in cruise party. Today Nawab Malik confirmed that Aslam Shaikh has relations with Kashiff Khan and also that children of NCP leaders, ministers are in contact with drug peddlers.”

He added, “Sunil Patil and Nawab Malik are friends for the last 20 years. When Patil used to do parties in Lalit hotel, Malik also used to go there. Today he has confirmed his relations with him and it’s a conspiracy set up by NCP along with Patil.”


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