A cricket fan in Birmingham, who last rose to fame following her demand to make Pakistan skipper Babar Azam the country’s prime minister, has pleaded with the side to make “no mistakes on Sunday, please”.

India and Pakistan will face each other at the T20 World Cup in Dubai on Sunday in the latest instalment of one of cricket’s biggest rivalries.

Nabeeha Khan, in a video clip meant for the Pakistan team, can be seen saying: “We forgive all your past mistakes. In the warm up match, you gave away 50 runs in the last three overs and lost. That, too, is forgiven. But if you make a mistake on Sunday, it won’t be a mistake, it will be a sin.”

“It will be a murder of our emotions. Our hearts will shatter,” she adds.

Holding her palms together she pleads to the Babar-Azam led side to “give it their all” and “sacrifice everything” to win the “war” against India.


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