Olivia Rodrigo channels the inner troubled youth to portray a nostalgic character in her brand new music video (MV) Traitor.

For those unversed, Traitor is an emotional song that is part of her debut album Sour.

The 18-year-old ex-Disney star dropped the first look into her new release on Instagram and shocked fans with the transcending psychedelic vibe of her song.

It tells the story of a brokenhearted young girl learning to get over an old lover that picks someone else right after their breakup.

Olivia Rodrigo channels troubled teen vibes for new MV ‘Traitor’

In the music video, she can be seen driving around in a glowing pick-up truck alongside her friends and hits up old spots like the school pool, football field and even the arcade to try and forget her pain.

Check it out below:


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