India vs New Zealand: Pakistanis troll India with hilarious memes after New Zealand loss

As New Zealand further dimmed India’s prospects to qualify for the next stage of the T20 World Cup by beating the Men in Blue by 8 wickets Sunday, Pakistani fans couldn’t help but troll Indians on Twitter. 

Be it a cricket match or any other global event, Indians and Pakistanis are always on the lookout to troll each other any chance they get. 

However, Pakistanis on Twitter had a field day trolling India again, after the Kohli XI lost their second T20 match of the World Cup against New Zealand. 

Ahmadullah used this viral scene from 3 Idiots to highlight the plight of Indian fans at the moment. 

Sarmad uses a hilarious dialogue from Munna Bhai‘s Circuit to capture India’s journey so far in the T20 World Cup. 

Kashif thinks there’s need for some introspection. The piture he attached is super funny. 

Another fan was ecstatic at the change of fortunes of Pakistani cricket fans compared to the Indians. 

Another user highlighted the drubbing India received at the hands of New Zealand. 

One Twitter user trolled India, saying that Pakistan’s national flag bearer was waiting to bring team India to Pakistan after their defeat against NZ.

Shiraz thinks Indian right-wing influencers are having a ball at the moment. 

Ayesha pulled off a Photoshop trick to add spice to her joke. 

Moiz was on-point with this one. 

India next take on Afghanistan on November 8.


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