Coimbatore: Passenger traffic at the Coimbatore international airport dropped by 42% in January 2022 when compared to December 2021, according to data released by the Airports Authority of India (AAI).
While the passenger traffic was 1,80,779, including 10,468 international travellers, in December 2021, it dropped to 1,04, 370, including 8,486 international passengers, in January 2022.
The drop in passenger traffic was due to the third wave of Covid-19, an official from AAI said.
The airport handled 622 tonnes of cargo, including 107 tonnes of international cargo, in January while in December it handled 654 tonnes of cargo, including 55 tonnes of international cargo.
The airport saw a 22% decline in terms of flight movement in January as flight operators had brought down frequencies in sectors such as Chennai, Mumbai and Bengaluru due to less patronage.
A total of 1,406 flights were operated in December, including 74 international flights. Whereas only 1,083 flights were operated in January, including 89 international flights.
A source from the airport said that flight movement is picking up pace. It would be at the level of December 2021 in a month or so. December 2021 was the busiest month for the airport ever since the outbreak of the pandemic.
Mukuntha Kumar, an aviation enthusiast, said flights operated in domestic sectors are all set to increase their frequency in the next few days.
By the end of March first week there will be 20 domestic flights in a day. Chennai alone will have six flights a day. Cities such as Hyderabad and Mumbai will have three flights each, whereas New Delhi and Mumbai will have two flights each.
The number of domestic flights operated from the airport reached as low as 10 flights a day in January.
February 2022 witnessed some brisk flight movement and passenger traffic.


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