Hubballi: In a bid to curb gambling activities during Deepavali festival across the twin cities, Hubballi-Dharwad police have launched a special drive against gambling rackets being run at prominent places.
Police will take stern action against those playing cards and involved in gambling. Police have instructed all hotels and clubs not to give out their premises for gambling.
Police commissioner Labhuram said police had made announcements in the jurisdictions of all police stations that they will initiate stern action on gambling during Diwali. “The announcement was made to avoid unnecessary arguments when action is initiated against unlawful acts,” he added.
“Police stations already convened meetings with clubs and hotels and asked them not to provide space for gambling. If anyone is found doing so, merciless action will be initiated. We will certainly keep a tab on social clubs and gambling dens during Diwali and will carry out a drive against gambling,” he said.
Police teams will keep going on rounds, and they will be on the lookout for clubs and commercial establishments where money is exchanged while playing cards, said police sources.
Fearing police action, most of these card-playing sessions have now shifted to private households, social clubs or farmhouses and resorts on the outskirts of the city.
Any game where movable or immovable property is transacted is considered to be an act of gambling and is punishable under the Gambling Act. Any game where luck plays a more important role than the skill of the person involved and where exchange of money takes place qualifies as an act of gambling, sources said.
Those who are in the habit of playing cards said there is nothing wrong with it. They claim that playing cards and gambling is officially allowed during Diwali and it is not considered as wrong or illegal.
Dr MC Sindhur, a social activist and a practising doctor said, “It is a good initiative by the police to create awareness on unlawful gambling during Deepavali. As there is still fear of Covid-19, it is better to avoid social gatherings during night hours and curtailing gambling will help celebrate Deepavali peacefully.”


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