GURUGRAM: Dense smog enveloped the city on Friday morning as the air quality index (AQI) hit the ‘severe’ mark a day (472) for the first time this year.
According to data from the Central Pollution Control Board (CPCB), Gurugram’s pollution levels on Friday were the worst for the day after Diwali in the past six years.
The AQI of all five stations from which the CPCB collates its data in Gurugram — Vikas Sadan, Gwal Pahari, Teri Gram, Sector 51 and Manesar — were all at ‘severe’ levels. The city’s AQI on Diwali (Thursday) was ‘very poor’ at 395. Even though there was a total on sale and use of firecrackers, that was hard to tell on Diwali evening with crackers continuously accompanying celebrations and frequently lighting up the skies.
According to data from CPCB, the AQI was was 460 on the day after Diwali (November 15), while it was 368 in 2019 (October 28). In 2018, the AQI was recorded at 389 on the corresponding day.

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