Prince Charles is reportedly at risk of being completely eclipsed by Prince William and Kate Middleton.

Royal commentator Richard Eden made this claim during an interview with MailPlus and there they were quoted saying, “I think it’s a very tricky balancing act.

“I mean we saw at the James Bond premiere when we had William, Catherine, Camilla and Charles on the red carpet together, it did look a bit like Charles and Camilla were the supporting act for William and Catherine.”

When asked about the possibility of Prince William having become a source of irritation for his father, the expert explained, “I suspect it does, I mean people always said that he was annoyed by the attention that Diana got, so it’s very tricky if before he even becomes monarch, he’s being eclipsed by his younger son.”

“So I think it is sensitive, and I think even in Cardiff, we’ve seen just Charles and Camilla, William and Catherine are not there too.”

“Courtiers will have to handle this whole issue very sensitively, but as we’ve seen, the Queen visibly ageing with her walking stick and then I think it is a problem. We’ve got a very old monarch and a very old heir to the throne.”


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