Prince Harry, Meghan Markle called out over Sussex sale strategy: ‘Less is more’

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle were recently urged by experts to change their Sussex sales strategy.

This claim’s been made by royal expert Sean Neil on his personal YouTube Channel.

Royal expert Sean Neil made this claim on his personal YouTube channel and was also quoted saying, “One of the problems I find with Harry and Meghan is this on a serious note.”

“Why don’t people around them say that less is more, you seemingly want to be involved in everything, but never quite accomplish the end result.”

“Now for Harry and Meghan, as we were told earlier this year by a close confidant, apparently they’re going to be more visible in the next few months.”

“We’ve seen a bit of that already, we’ve had Meghan reading elements of her book, The Bench, on Youtube. We’ve had Prince Harry come out with something, now we’ve had this letter and the former letter to Congress.”

“On a more serious note, it doesn’t bode well when ex-Royals with no authority and even less clout, decide to move into the world of politics. This can only end badly for the ex-royals.”

“What they really need to do now is find a brand new path, a new direction and take a year out as they promised. They can work out what direction they want to take their alleged-private liv

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