Experts note that Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s continued instance towards political topics given the dangers it may pose over the Royal Family’s international neutrality.

Gert’s Royal podcast owner by Gertrude Daly made this claim during one of her interviews with the Daily Star.

She started off the conversation by admitting that while royals aren’t banned from entertaining political topics, “does put the neutrality of the monarchy at risk.”

“Certainly it is more complicated when a member of the British Royal Family is commenting on things related to a foreign government, even if she happens to be a citizen of that country.”

Ms Daly went on to say, “The Royals aren’t supposed to get involved with politics. But they do, and Duchess Meghan is not the first royal to step over that line.”

“Plenty of other royals have waded into politics over the years. One of the more famous cases being Prince Charles’s Black Spider memos which caused a scandal in 2015.”

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