Prince Harry has come under fire for turning his back on the same privilege that he’s turned his back on.

Royal commentator Robert Rinder made this claim while speaking against Robert Jobson and Susanna Reid on Good Morning Britain

The conversation there revolved around Meghan Markle’s claim to have a “mental health warning” written alongside every tabloid newspaper.

While Jobson and Reid agreed, Rinder took an opposite stance and admitted, “I don’t agree with Susanna on this one quietly and calmly but I think [Susanna’s] entitled to be wrong from time to time].”

“I don’t think anymore minds them using their platform for campaigning about mental health, all of their extraordinary work – The Invictus Games, the equal pay work the Duchess of Sussex does – all of that stuff matters.”

“What people at home struggle with, what they cannot tolerate or frankly they will never accept is the degree of hypocrisy claiming that the tabloids are on the one hand are terrible things when of course they rely on the oxygen of that publicity. Secondly, is Instagram toxic bearing in mind the things they could do?”

“He complains probably validly about what happened to the late Princess Diana. Yet is prepared to take money from Netflix that is distorting the truth about what happened in her final days so much so that Jemima Khan who was an advisor on that show has walked off. It’s hypocrisy the British public can’t stand, isn’t it?”

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