Prince William and Kate Middleton are reportedly worried about how Prince Charles’ reformation of the monarchy may impact Princes Charlotte and Louis’ future prospects.

Royal commentator Angela Mollard made this claim and during her interview on the Australian morning programme Sunrise, she claimed, “They’re talking about reducing their kid’s involvement in royal duties.”

“Well, if you think about it, Prince Charles wants a slimmed-down monarchy.”

“Obviously George is going to be King, but after him, Charlotte and Louis are going to have to get a job. In this very slimmed-down monarchy, they are going to have to work.”

“There are great fears that their children, the younger children will end up almost like Prince Edward and Prince Andrew, where they haven’t really had roles.”

Before concluding she added, “But they’re trying to basically create a situation where they are capable of a proper job. I reckon they’ll be alright, I reckon they’ll land something. Can you imagine their references?”


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