Experts believe Queen Elizabeth is engaged in a battle against fellow royal family members since she “wants to be seen more.”

Royal historian Anna Whitelock made this claim while speaking to Express UK.

There she was quoted saying, “The Queen has always expressed a wish to be seen – she believes that you have to be seen to be believed.”

“I think she wants to be out in public, and the very extent of the engagements that she’s had since the end of the lockdown is evidence of that.”

She also went on to caution, however, “But of course, that also has to be balanced against the advice of her doctors, which clearly was to slow down, so she had to reluctantly, and correctly, pull out of the trip to Northern Ireland and COP26.”

“So I think if the Queen has her way, she will be out and about again, but obviously that has to be balanced by doctors’ orders.”


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