The Bishop of Liverpool recently highlighted what immense amounts of joy Queen Elizabeth would get have if given the chance to attend Lilibet’s christening.

Bishop Bayes made this claim in an interview with Express UK, where he began by highlighting the sheer joy Queen Elizabeth would experience upon getting the chance to attend Lilibet’s christening.

He also went on to add, “The main thing is the act of the christening itself.”

“If things go wrong at a birth and it looks as though the baby isn’t going to live that long, the hospital chaplain would come, only on request, and baptise the baby before it passes away.”

“In that case, you of course don’t wait around for the family to come — you do it as fast as you can, I think this underlines what the main thing is about this.”

“Having said that, it’s always wonderful to have a party and if that’s possible I’m sure that will be lovely.”

“But with a lot of families, including the Royal Family, widely spread across the country and world, it’s sometimes not possible.”

Before concluding he added, “I’m sure wherever Lilibet is christened the Queen and all members of the family will be rejoicing and hoping for that blessing.”


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