Queen Elizabeth urged to let Prince Charles become King regent

A royal expert said Queen Elizabeth “should consider that Prince Charles could be King regent”, a day after the monarch cancelled her Northern Ireland visit.

Buckingham Palace said the Queen cancelled a planned trip to Northern Ireland on medical grounds, days after she was seen using a walking stick.

Royal officials said in a statement that the 95-year-old monarch “has reluctantly accepted medical advice to rest for the next few days”.

Britain´s domestic Press Association news agency said the decision was not related to the coronavirus and that she was resting at Windsor Castle, west of London.

Speaking on a TV show, royal biographer Angela Levin said “They’ve been doing masses more over the last few years actually. She has handed them lots of responsibility and they represent her far more than they used to.”

Levin, who is a staunch supporter of the monarchy, said “It’s very busy for them, they’re doing it very magnanimously, and so they should.”

“They’re supporting her as a person too. She rarely goes somewhere on her own.”

“One member of the family will be with her to make her feel safe and well, and take over some of the conversations which can be very tiring.”

“I think she should maybe consider that Prince Charles could be King regent, it means he wouldn’t have a coronation but he would actually take over for her.”

“She could turn up, and take over for certain engagements if she wanted to.”


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