Queen Elizabeth has started growing tired as a result of the recent and ‘constant flow of lunches and dinners’ she’s been attending.

According to a report given to royal expert Roya Nikkah by the Queen’s closest sources, the “constant flow of lunches and dinners with family and friends, because the Queen does not want to dine alone.” But, because of it all, she is also “completely knackered” now.

However, royal historian Hugo Vickers believes that despite her health or emotional woes, she has continued to work forward.

He recently commented on the Queen’s attitude after Prince Philip’s passing and admitted, “She was very sensible after Prince Philip died not to disappear. At that age, you don’t know how easy it will be to pick it up again.”

He added, “The problem is that the Queen does not want to disappoint people. She can say no to people, but by and large she doesn’t. What you’ve got to do is pace her.”


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