NEW DELHI: The 1940s helmet has a flying flee motorcycle being parachuted in behind enemy lines during World War II, explains historian Gordon May. This, and with 11 other nostalgia-ridden exclusive range of limited-edition helmets, Royal Enfield has begun the quest to relive its 120-year-old legacy and present it to the future.
Each helmet is hand-painted and only 120 units for each design have been made. These helmets retell the brand’s stories of the last 120 years.
Every week for the next six weeks, Royal Enfield will drop two helmet designs, one each on Monday and Wednesday, with the sale of these going live on Saturday and Sunday at 12 noon respectively. Each helmet design will carry a unique number starting 001/120 till 120/120.
While every series of the helmet will have a unique story to tell, invariably 1930s and 2000s depicting the rise of Bullet and Classic brands will be greatest attention seekers.
“The challenge was actually choosing incredible stories to tell through the designs because there are just so many. So, if you pick out any single one of these 12 helmets, we could have easily selected 12 designs just from that decade alone, all of which have stories of resilience and endurance,” elaborates Gordon May, Royal Enfield historian and enthusiast.
These helmets carry triple certification, ISI, DOT, ECE, premium internals, leather trims and a sun visor. The open face helmets will be available for Rs 6,950 and full-face helmets for Rs 8,450. Users can register to purchase these helmets on the brand’s official website.
“Our helmets act as a canvas to tell our stories across the decades. Also, the reason for choosing a helmet is I believe that the helmets are the first and the most important accessory that a rider buys and not just that or helmet is very personal and, and it is worn with pride,” says Puneet Sood, National Business Head – North and West India & Global Head – Apparel Business – Royal Enfield.

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