This gets us more emotional as Bappi Lahiri‘s last rites have just got completed. Herewith, we at ETimes bring you an anecdote of Bappi da and the legendary actor Raaj Kumar. Known for his love for gold, Bappi da once bumped into Raaj Kumar on a flight to Delhi.

Raaj Kumar walked up to Bappi da and sat beside him as the seat next to the legendary musician was incidentally empty. The flight took off and Raaj Kumar was quite talkative on that plane.

After a while Raaj Kumar asked Bappi da about his extreme fondness for gold. Goes without saying that Bappi da was travelling with lots of gold on him. Bappi da explained and Raj Kumar listened rather intently as much as he could in the varying degrees of audibility in mid-air. Suddenly, Raaj Kumar turned around and asked Bappi da, “While I understand all this, where’s your mangalsutra?”. The cheerful Bappi da knew Raaj Kumar’s sense of humour well enough and he burst out laughing.

A few days later, Bappi da visited Dilip Kumar and Saira Banu and happened to narrate this to them.

When contacted, Saira Banu confirmed and told us, “Those were the days of a golden era. Bappi da was such a jovial man. We have lost a gem.”


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