NEW DELHI: The Supreme Court has temporarily restored the senior gown to fiery Gujarat bar leader Yatin Narendra Oza, whose senior designation was withdrawn by the HC for adopting a ‘slap, say sorry and repeat the contemptuous act’ approach, and warned that a breach of “good behaviour promise” would mean the HC is free to permanently strip him of the senior designation.
A battery of senior advocates led by A M Singhvi had pleaded with a bench of Justices Sanjay Kisan Kaul and R S Reddy to consider Oza’s case and contended that withdrawal of senior advocate designation is like a death warrant for the advocate’s profession.
The Gujarat HC had refused to accept Oza’s apology after he levelled allegations, found to be scurillous, against judges and the HC at a press meet telecast live. The HC had termed Oza’s apology ingenuine and its full court meeting resolved.
Singhvi pleaded that Oza had bonafidely raised issues within the institution regarding non-circulation of matters, based on complaints received from the members of the Bar by him by reason of his holding the position of the president of Gujarat HC Advocates Association. He said Oza’s grievance was not against the judges, but against the manner of working of the HC registry.
Oza had decided to resign for not being able to solve the problem but withdrew on the urging of the Association.
Justices Kaul and Reddy said, “…The ends of justice would be served by seeking to temporarily restore the designation of the petitioner for …two years from January 1, 2022. It is the HC which will watch and can best decide how the petitioner conducts himself as a senior counsel.”


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