Gurgaon: A day after the headmistress of a private school in Faridabad was arrested for abetment to suicide of a Class 10 student, private school associations expressed concern about the police move, saying it would end up creating an atmosphere of fear among school managements.
“The incident is tragic, and it must be painful for a parent to lose a child like this. The charges brought by the mother against the school and a few kids are grave and need to be evaluated and investigated. However, such punitive or rash action is creating an atmosphere of fear not for the school only but others as well,” said Yashpal Yadav, the state president of the Haryana Shikshan Sansthan Sangathan.
The principal of a private school said schools have limited powers to take action in such cases but added that bullying complaints need to be addressed more effectively. “The school head is answerable to thousands of students and has to follow objectivity while dealing with such cases. We still do not know the entire situation. Bullying has to be countered by a much positive force, both inside and outside the school,” the principal, who requested not to be named, said.
Some educationists called for an external committee to investigate the suicide from a scientific and social angle.
“This case needs to be handled by a committee of parents, psychologists, education department officials and maybe a police officer. The committee can collect facts and document the entire case history before releasing a report on corrective measures. Now, that is the precedent we need to be setting because that will bring real change,” said Francis Joseph, an educationist and co-founder of School Leaders Network.


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