Adam Milne to Mohammad Shahzad, OUT! TAKEN, DROPPED? NO, THAT IS TAKEN! A really good catch by Devon Conway who just about hangs onto it! The move to get Milne on works wonders as he strikes. This is short and just outside off. Shahzad looks to arch back, tries to make room and cut. It goes more off the toe-end to the right of Conway who seems to have been wrong-footed. He sticks his right hand out, it hits the glove but then pops out, then hits his wrist as he is falling onto the ground and lobs up. He though manages to hang onto it in the end. Milne and the slip fielder are celebrating. The umpire, Dharmasena, consults the leg umpire and then raises his finger. Early wicket for New Zealand. Just the start they would have wanted.


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