The Wendy Williams show adds guests hosts amid Wendys health issues

The Wendy Williams Show is expanding it panel of guests hosts after its host Wendy Williams’ battle with undisclosed health issues.

The show on Tuesday it was revealed that Whitney Cummings will be the lead of show of the week October 25 after which Sherri Shepherd will take over following the week beginning November 1.

“In my opinion, nobody is more entertaining or authentic than Wendy Williams,” Whitney said in a release. 

“As an avid fan, it is surreal to sit in for Wendy, but as someone who has been a guest on the show so many times, I feel confident that my relentless habit of speaking candidly, often to the point of self-sabotage, may go over well with her fans.”

She continued, “There are few places I’d feel as safe to be as unhinged and opinionated as on Wendy’s show and I am looking forward to burning many a bridge. Each episode I do will be in celebration of her fearlessness, and the lessons I’ve learned from her fearless feedback and advice. I’d like to do whatever I can to make her life easier while she recovers so she can come back stronger and more powerful than ever.”

“I’m so excited to return to the Wendy Williams Show to host for a full week! I had such a great time when I hosted the show in 2019 and I’m flattered that Wendy and the producers put their trust in me to fill in again. I’m sending my love and well wishes out to her,” added Shepherd.


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