Legendary footballer David Beckham has garnered massive hearts with his latest post, kissing on the lips but it was not her fashion designer wife Victoria.

David Beckham took to Instagram on Sunday to share amazing moments, extending his love to his three dogs.

In picture, he is spotted standing in the rolling countryside, wincing as his four-legged friend Sage, licks his face.

Victoria Beckhams hubby shares adorable snap with his pup

He captioned: “Come on Sage seriously, always on the lips.” The footballer also added an eye-roll emoji as his dog got up close and personal with the star.

Wearing a beige knit jumper and symbolic poppy brooch to mark Remembrance Sunday, the 46-year-old showed off his several neck tattoos in the heartwarming snap.

David Beckham shared a kiss with his dog Sage in heartwarming family snap. Fans were split in their responses; while some were seriously impressed by the post.

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