When Olivia Rodrigo got Rayban from Joe Biden on White House visit
When Olivia Rodrigo got ‘Rayban’ from Joe Biden on White House visit

Singer Olivia Rodrigo is touching on her exclusive White House visit.

Speaking with Jimmy Kimmel on Tuesday, the 18-year-old singer shared details of her July visit to Joe Biden.

“He gave me a few gifts — he gave me those (referring to her Rayban sunglasses), he gave me some M&Ms and he gave me a shoehorn which was strange. It had the presidential emblem on it — I’m serious, it’s in my house.”

She continued,”The White House is just the coolest place, I was so nervous to go but I walked in there and there’s like, all these plates that George Washington used to eat his dinner at — and all of this crazy stuff and I was scared I was gonna sneeze and break such a priceless artifact,” she said.

“It was crazy but I walked out and didn’t break anything,” she assured.


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