Zendaya opens up on how social media is making her anxious
Zendaya opens up on how social media is making her ‘anxious’

Zendaya, a star that usually goes ‘inactive’ on social media quite frequently has finally opened up about her reasons and revealed that it is because, spending too much time on social media makes her “anxious”.

The Euphoria actor personally explained the reason behind her going into the ‘shy kid’ mode during a candid chat.

During her interview with People, the 25-year-old actor revealed, “I was always a shy kid. I would find being on social media would kind of make me anxious, or I would start to over think a little too much.”

The Dune star also shared that taking break from these platforms throughout the year has often saved her from feeling ‘overwhelmed’.

The Prime Time Emmy Award winner said, ‘I haven’t been posting, and my fans probably hate it, which I understand. But I get too overwhelmed with having to post things, and if I think too much about it, I’m not gonna do it. It’s not worth it.

The actor who has millions of followers on her official accounts, also shared words of gratitude for the fans who continue to understand and support her, saying, “(My fans) want me to be happy and exist beyond social media.”

Rather than pressurizing herself to remain active on social media, Zendaya loves to do what she wants and claimed, “I’d rather do what I love and then post when I have a project to promote.”


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