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A long-term task where you can’t take your estimated belonging along or the lack of space, whatever the reason, we have the arrangement. At Al Awais Movers, we give world-class storage facilities to your long and short-term storage needs. Our cutting-edge storage facilities give you the comfort, security, and affordability you deserve. Our warehouses are well-maintained, have round and clock security, are guaranteed and are completely furnished with firefighting and safety equipment.

Our Services Include:
Storage for Individuals and Corporates Short-term storage on wooden pallets Long-term storage in Plywood lift van Multiple Sizes of Storage space to suit your necessity Access to retrieve or replace goods Insurance for storage Overseas storage in many cities internationally
Al Awais Movers offer storage facilities anywhere should need them. For example, If your client is unable to immediately move into his new home, Al Awais movers can provide proper assistance to them. All consignments are stored in special warehouses to ensure no damages occurs to your furniture or other delicate products.

We offer safe, flood-free, flexible and affordable storage facilities in Dubai. Our state-of-the-art warehouse ensures that your things don’t get infested with pests or damaged by harsh weather while they stay with us.

In addition, we maintain a network of safe warehouses where your possessions can be securely kept while in transit to their new location or be used for your long-term storage requirements. If you need to keep your things temporarily stored while your offices are being completed or until someone can arrive at the site to receive them, we provide safe short-term storage-in-transit facilities to ensure that they are kept in a facility where they will be protected from damage. We also offer portable storage solutions such as weather-proof containers, to keep your possessions safe on-site until they are ready to be unpacked.

We ensure a clean and safe place for your belongings. On-site security employees and state-of-the art surveillance cameras serve as the main protection for your belongings. Our double-lock system is a security bonus, and we also have a record tracking system for stored articles.

Small storage warehouse for rent in UAE

Our secure storage facilities are regularly inspected and well equipped, so you can be sure that your belongings are securely stored in the best conditions. Our clients, both professionals and individuals, have access to a network of 142 storage warehouses in 96 countries.

Focused on security, flexibility, confidentiality, and customer satisfaction, we offer professional Packing and storage materials for the best protection of your belongings.

Whether you need to store furniture, fine art, commercial goods or professional equipment, our secure storage facilities are equipped with the best technology to keep your belongings safe.

If you’re like many of us, all of your stuff doesn’t fit into your home or office. Whether you’re drowning in clothes, books, files or memorabilia, self-storage lets you keep your belongings without sacrificing the roominess of your home or office.

With self-storage, you rent space, typically on a monthly basis, to stash your property. Unlike full-service storage facilities, where you have limited access to your property and someone else figures out how to store your items, self-storage units give you full control over what is in your unit and how items are arranged.

Our documentation is also kept relatively simple and straightforward thus avoiding the need for lengthy and complicated legal documents which require hours of study to understand! All we ask is that our clients deal with us in the same good faith as we assume everyone to observe.

Our facility is not a typical industrial warehouse and therefore cannot accept the storage of dangerous goods class 1 to 9 (i.e. Explosive, Gases, Flammable Liquid, Flammable Solid, Oxidizing Agents & Organic Peroxides, Toxic and Infectious substances, Radioactive Substances, Corrosive substances, and Misc. Dangerous substances). In addition to this, perishable items of neither any description nor liquids that can potentially leak and cause damage to not only your valuables, but others’ as well, are not allowed.

Home storage accounts for a large majority of Self Storage users’ requirements. All of us collect knocks & knacks over the years and every household probably has carton loads of material that is using up valuable space in the garage or store-room.

Most of the time,we associate memories and events to our belongings and are hesitant to simply throw them way!

Here is where STORALL’s Self Storage comes into its own. For a relatively low fee,you can now have your own ‘attic away from home’ which is clean, secure,climate controlled (or not,your choice) and accessible 7 days a week. Only you and your imaginative use of the space is the limitation here.

When is the last time you looked around your office and thought “what am I going to do with all this paper?”

In many businesses, simply throwing away documents is not an option. Over time, the accumulation of papers, files, dormant equipment and other materials becomes a serious issue. You may even want to keep some office furniture until that expansion area has been completed!

With STORALL® Self Storage, this problem is swiftly and efficiently taken care of. You alone have the secure and private access to your room and for a small fee, can effectively label, box and store your important files, dossiers and/or other legally important documents.

One Of The Leading Furniture Storage Companies In UAE
storage facilities in UAE with furniture storage in UAE

We are the leading providers of furniture storage facilities in Dubai. Are you moving to a beautiful new apartment that you purchased, but are unable to take all your belongings with you? Are you looking for furniture storage Dubai to set up to a new business address, but cannot

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take all your office equipment and furniture due to lack of space? No matter the case, Partner Movers is here to help you benefit from the finest storage facilities!

Considered one of the premium storage companies in UAE, we offer extensive short and long-term services of moving and storage in Dubai for valuable assets, personal belongings, furniture, appliances and all other items that our clients would want to be kept in a safe, secure and protected Dubai storage space. Irrespective of whether you require our assistance in personal storage, or wish to store commercial goods, the one thing that you can be assured of is

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that we’ve got you covered.

Offering World-Class Services Of Moving And Storage In UAE
To ensure 100% client satisfaction, Partner Movers has invested in a state-of-the-art storage facility to make sure that every single item that is entrusted to us remains safe, secure and adequately protected at all times. Right from our establishment, our team has worked tirelessly to proper maintenance at our facility. Over the years, we have worked hard to optimize our space to guarantee the best possible environmental conditions for all the items stored there by our clients. So whether you wish to store household appliances, antique furniture, art work or personal belongings, you can easily count on us!

At our storage facility, we make use of state-of-the-art climate control technology to guarantee the maintenance of a favorable environment. This is done so as to preserve the quality and enhance the lifespan of the assets and goods kept by our esteemed clients at our facilities. In the long run, it further helps us prevent deterioration, wear and tear and depreciation of value and quality of the stored items.

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We take client satisfaction very seriously and guarantee extensive security to enhance their peace of mind. Our premise is outfitted with the most advanced security systems and is continually monitored by our dedicated personnel. For the best results, we follow strict safety and security protocols to ensure that the items stored at our facility are safe, in good condition and efficiently accounted for.

Irrespective of your requirements, you can rest-assured that Partner Movers will fulfill them all. No matter what you wish to store at our facility and for how long, we’ve got a solution that is sure to fulfill your needs and budget and surpass your expectations. Whether you wish to acquire our services for personal use, or need to store your company assets and furniture, we are here to cater to your requirements through tailored and customized services focused on your individual needs.

To benefit our clients and meet their demands, we offer short and long-term storage solutions at a pocket-friendly price. Need to store your furniture for a few months? Interested in a permanent annual arrangement? Worry not as our service packages cover it all. Most importantly, to ensure that none of our potential clients get left out, we ensure that our services are cost-effective too!

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